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Gather and share client data! A unique support system for Accountants, Auditors and Lawyers.

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KYC and Onboarding

Recurring data collection

Secure file sharing

Work in teams

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AI powered data collection system.

Everything stats with a form. Flowsecure lets you design forms with AI where you request data and documents from your clients. These forms are sent automatically on a periodic basis to anyone you collect data from.

Fast. Really fast.

Collect any data fast. You are just a few clicks from start collecting data from your clients.

Safe and secure.

Flowsecure is built for companies with security as a top priority.

Save time, while you save money.

Recurring data collection requests.

Set up ongoing processes where clients are requested to share data .

KYC and global PEP search.

Create sophisticated KYC forms, collect data and automate global PEP/sanction search.

Share files.

Share sensitive data with optionable security level in just a few clicks.

Create surveys.

Create a survey and collect data from clients or partners. Analyze everything with AI to get key insights.

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Do everything in the same app.

Do all your content and document collection in one portal instead of frustrating forward-back communication on email.

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Collaborate in teams.

Work together on the same data collection processes by setting up shared workspaces.

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Automate daily data collection procedures.

Forget about chasing clients on email for input. Set up predefined processes in Flowsecure, and just wait for the content to arrive in your inbox.

Lots to like, more to love.

Fast. Really fast.

Start using Flowsecure is fast! You can set up your company's data collection processes in just a few minutes.

More bang for buck.

Everything you need in one portal. Onboarding, recurring processes, file sharing and confirmation signatures.

Safe and secure.

No more sensitive information in emails. With Flowsecure your data flows are in the best hands.

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The must have portal for accountants, auditors and lawyers.

Collect and organize data the way you want.

Connect with colleagues and work in teams

Create recurring data requests

Receive data automatically from your clients

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