Know Your Customer (KYC)

Do your KYC searches with Flowsecure.

Unlock Powerful KYC Searches with Flowsecure

With Flowsecure, you gain access to comprehensive KYC searches, including:

Politically Exposed Person (PEP)
Relatives and Close associates (RCA)
Adverse Media (SIP)

Our integration with a globally-reaching database, combined with Flowsecure's advanced data collection platform, provides you with a robust tool for enhancing your Anti-Money Laundering procedures. Moreover, when activating individuals for searches, you can opt to monitor them continuously, ensuring ongoing compliance and risk mitigation.

Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

Receive data on Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and Relatives (RCA).

Adverse Media

Check if a person is a Special Interest Person (SIP) and is found in Adverse Media screening.


Screen and monitor persons and companies against global sanction lists.  


Search license: USD 20 per month + Business Plan license (Totally USD 45 per month).
Monitoring included.

Contact us for more details.  

How to do searches and monitoring

Go to "KYC" in the menu, and choose "Add person". You can now add a person you want to search for and/or monitor.

Enter details about the person you would like to search for. All fields must be filled out in order to find a match.

After you have clicked "Submit", the person will appear in the list of KYC persons. Then you must click on the person and choose "Register and watch person". A KYC search is now done in the background.

If you have a match it will now appear on the screen. In the example below there is a PEP match, and in order to view some more details you can download a PDF report.

If you do not want the person to be monitored, please choose "Remove from watchlist". In case a person does not have a match but you choose to keep him/her in the watchlist, we will notify you if there are any updates about the person.

You may also transfer persons directly from a submitted KYC form. Simply go the the form (Dashboard - Active forms --> your form) and click "Transfer to KYC".  

After clicking "Transfer to KYC" you see a list of available persons from the KYC form. Now click "Create KYC person", and the person will appear in the list of the KYC module (see above)  

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